Galleria Facade

The Galleria Mall, located on University of Michigan’s Galleria Mall area in Ann Arbor was in need of new signage. The existing structure limited the possibilities of what could be done and building owners had limited budgets.
“The facade of the building was getting lost on one of the busiest streets of campus. It was in need of desperate improvement to draw in potential tenants.”

– Lyle Beckwith, Property Manager

Concepts were drawn in SketchUp to give real-life snapshots of what the sign would look like and these shots were later photo-shopped onto the building for a photo-realistic view of the new facade.

Perforated aluminum and steel tubing was used to make up the main body of the frame and acrylic sheet was designated for signage of establishments within.

The sign was proposed in 2009 and put up in spring of 2010. This project was an assignment I worked on while employed at O|X Studio, Inc.