KMS Professional Building

50,000 square feet of office space were renovated for this decompression project. Cramped quarters were enlarged and workstations gained 10 square feet each. A productivity increase and closing in the proximity between managers and their team were the main goals. Light airy finishes and bold accents, plus new user-friendly furniture, were important upgrades that made vast improvements to employee satisfaction and performance.

“Everyone is so pleased. It has made such a difference. Going from dark dirty cubes to this wide open colorful space has been an amazing transition.”
– Michelle Hepler, Pro Fee Billing

This multimillion dollar project spanned 2.5 years and lead to several other small renovation projects within the University of Michigan’s professional fees campus.  Each department adapted a new identity through color and location. 3D layout proposals were developed and shown to the clients to assure convenient layouts and proper space allocation. This project was completed during my time as interior design lead at O|X Studio, Inc.