Product Differentiation; Applesauce



As part of a team focused on packaging and brand, G. Tuttle, S. Smith, P. Bohm, and myself worked on Mullen’s Applesauce over the course of 16 weeks. Interviews were held with the owner/creator, our business school professor, and classmates. Polls were sent out after taste tests were conducted, and a new label, jar, brand message, product position, and supply chain were developed and proposed to Mr. Mullen. We proposed his product be leveraged as a luxury item in upper-class grocery stores. His strict adherence to recipe deemed him to barely break even on sales. We recommended he increase his selling price, upgrade his branding, and find new suppliers for jars and lids to really send the message home. We also encouraged him to rethink the specific content of the messages on the label and stressed the importance of organic, all natural, no sugar added. A final presentation was made to Mr. Mullen and he is currently in the works of making these changes happen.

Photos by P. Bohm

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