A wine cellar and




This late 1800’s historic home was entirely renovated throughout and “The Cave” was a main focus with special attention paid to the cellar and fireplace.

A custom carved mantel and fireplace surround was carefully designed to reflect the vineyards of Bacchus, young and old, and his vineyards, freshly planted and thriving. The wine god of ancient Greece is surrounded by bursting vines of ripe grapes and the focal point showcases a nearly 3D barrel, ready for tapping.
Meticulous patterns for the wood carvers were created through numerous hand sketches and later, AutoCad. Three species of wood were used to accentuate the details, which included the owner’s company emblem of a large “O” as the focal point encasing a wine barrel. The success of the lengthy project was evident in the eyes of the owner and carvers alike.
This project was one of my first assignments at O|X Studio, Inc.