Kalamazoo Dance Academy


This project was part of my year-long senior studio assignment. We started with selecting an existing building, decided on a business to put in it, and began programming how it would need to change in order to appropriately house the proposed business.

Project Mission: My mission was to combine the passion, excitement, joy, and glory of dance under one roof in Kalamazoo. I wanted to embrace its power on stage, promote its presence in the community, and stress excellence throughout. I wanted to introduce a unified center for young dancer development that allows students, instructors, and the community to prosper and profit from the demanding art of ballet.

Project Hypothesis: If I dedicate one building of Kalamazoo to be a disciplined dance academy, then it will significantly advance ballet as an art form, enrich the cultural life of the community, and create a heightened sense of excitement and reward for those who join.

Proposal book, linkProposal

Final project boards, linkFinal Design
(Empty areas were for the placement of finishes)